General Gynecologic care | Dr. Amy martin in dallas, TX

General gynecologic

Routine and yearly exams, adolescent gynecology and counseling.

Doctor contraception counselling and procedures in Dallas, TX

Contraception counseling and procedures

Methods to prevent pregnancy and maintain reproductive health.

Woman with urinary incontinence problem | Dr. Amy Martin in Dallas, TX

Urinary Incontinence diagnosis and management

Involuntary loss of urine control can be treated with various approaches .

Doctor doing gynec procedure in Dallas, TX

Gynecologic surgery and procedures

Hysterectomy, myomectomy, colposcopy, Loop Electrode Procedure (LEEP).

Lady cosmetic and gynec | Dallas, TX


Labiaplasty reshaping the labia minora to improve intimate confidence and Vaginoplasty restoring the vaginal muscular structure after childbirth to recapture the sensation of intimacy for a patient and her partner.

Smiling Doctor for Gynecology Treatments | Dallas, TX

Fitness and nutrition

Help patients develop healthy habits and maintain a healthy weight.

Aged Woman | Menopause treatment in Dallas, TX


Marks the end of menstruation and is associated with various physical and emotional symptoms.

Woman with perfect belly | Weight loss treatment at Dallas, TX

Weight loss and obesity counseling

Diagnosis and management are important for maintaining overall health and preventing chronic disease.

Doctor with Diagnostic ultrasound | Dr. Amy Martin

Diagnostic ultrasound

High-frequency sound waves create images of the body’s internal structures and can be used to diagnose a variety of conditions.

Gardasil and Flu Immunizations | Dr. Amy Martin | Dallas, TX

Gardasil and flu

Important for preventing certain infections and maintaining overall health.

Doctor Checking the Patient files | Dr. Amy Martin M.D


Help patients plan for a healthy pregnancy and reduce the risk of complications.

Periconceptional Counselling at Dr. Amy Martin | Dallas, TX

Pregnancy Care

Important for ensuring a healthy pregnancy and identifying potential risks

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